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About me and my workshop

My workshop :

I set up my own workshop in early 2015.
My work is completely handmade. I work in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, in France, at the gates of the Chartreuse mountains. 
I buy leather and buckles. I design models which I make, and I distribute them on-line and on craft markets.

Who am I? :

Graduate engineer Arts & Crafts, after thirty years in the industry I transformed my passion for leather into a profession and I converted into crafts. I completed my experience with some trainings: theoretical at the Technical Center of Leather in Lyon in particular to better know "the leather material" and also on "environmental impact in leather goods" as well as practice by internship with Eric Deneken, craftsman in art - leather carver.

The matter :

Leather uses a raw material, skin, which is a by-product of animal husbandry used for meat consumption. The animal's skin is inedible and without the art of tanning it would remain a cumbersome waste. To avoid wasting it, it is tanned to make it rotproof and called "leather". Imputrescible = guarantee of durability. By limiting consumption, this limits the impact on the use of the planet's resources.

The leathers I use are cow, goat or sheepskin leathers. These animals are not killed for their skin.

I work on rustic leathers obtained by vegetable tanning in particular for all the works that include a hammered pattern. Vegetable because this method of tanning uses tannins obtained from trees and plants such as chestnut tree, quebracho, mimosa, tara..., and therefore limits the risk of allergies. On these leathers the seams are handmade with saddle stitching, the dyes used are environmentally friendly (nuts, water-dyed), the patina is given by beeswax and the natural leather will turn brown over time. For leather goods, more delicate, I work on finer leather, chrome or synthetic tanning, with machine seams.

The choice of either type of leather depends on the desired properties and use.